Workshop: Bridging The Gap 22.-28.10.2011

Our goal was a discussion on the topics landscape, material and finaly the design and manufacturing of a temporary wooden construction 1:1.

After a 2 day idea-contest, a winner project crystalized that we used to make stresstests, connection studies and exact measurements. A detailed Rhino-model was created that has been CNC-milled out of wooden panels. The pieces were finaly mounted on a biotope.

Lorenz Lachauer | Alessandro Tellini | Lukas Blank | Reto Klingenfuss

Lukas Ballo | Li Bingyi | Giulia Bosia | Tian Gu | Hannes Hermanek | Ling Hui Huang | Philipp
Klostermann | Moritz Marbach | Marius Näf | Luca Rizzo | Tobias Wullschleger

Professure for structural design | www.schwartz.arch.ethz.ch | lachauer@arch.ethz.ch
raplab | www.raplab.arch.ethz.ch | tellini@arch.ethz.ch

Prof. Günther Vogt

Walter Bieler × dipl. Ing. SIA

Many thanks to
Fritz Graber | Abteilung Betrieb
Diego Fornari | ETH Immobilien
Stefan Flury | Veranstaltungen & Standortentwicklung × Science City
Thomas Jaggi | Institut für Baustatik und Konstruktion
Heinz Richner | Institut für Baustoffe

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