3D-Printed Torzle

While playing around and testing features of our ZCorp Z650 3D-Printer we encountered a nice website with print-data for creating a "Torzle", a twisted torus made of one single part that is repeatedly stuck into each other to create a pretty cool object.

Apart being a nice Toy or Sculpture speculations also goes into beer brewing (Who thought that!) Here a quote of George Hart's Website:

Beer Yeast Storage Device??

Surprisingly, it seems that this design may be what is known in Danish as a "Gærkrans", which was apparently used to collect and store yeast between beer brews.  Thank you to Bodil G., commenting on a Boing-Boing post of my MakeZine blog, for suggesting this. Here are some references: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
After printing it out and some infusion time with super glue we assembled the Torzle, see for yourself :)


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