Concrete Casting 2012

Every year we give our students the opportunity to cast concrete for their diploma models.

This year we have some really BIG models. We used around 600 Kg of concrete for these models. The Diploma-Show starts this Friday, we blog again next week with photographs of the finished models.



  1. Wow, that is slick!

    I myself have to cast a concrete model of a slightly smaller scale. Was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to make the concrete so smooth?

  2. Sorry for the late answer ;) The most important thing is to lubricate all surfaces with either silicone spray or vaseline. The surface-smoothness depends on the material used for the frame, the smoother it is the mirror-like the concrete will get. For this mixture we used sand from 0 to 1 mm in diameter. Hope it helps for future projects.

  3. Hello, very nice pictures !
    What is the material used in the picture number 4 ? Is it cardboard ?
    Thank you !