Digital-Workshop Laser-Control-System

We reflected how we could improve the management of our 5 Epilog laser-cutters to get a fair and maintenance friendly system. We now can create user-groups, dedicated laser-groups and are able to limit the time per user automatically. Students log-in on our controller-workstation, then the chosen laser-cutter powers on until they log-off.

We built small custom boxes containing an arduino board and a relay to power the machines on and off. The user-interface and database handling has been coded in python.

Using this system we now also provide live usage-information and statistics to help our students planing their laser time.

Here a little photographic production report:
All components are ready to be tinkered with

Some serious coding

Even more serious coding
The first on/off test

Works :)

Laser-cutting the Arduino holding plates

Laser-cut mounting plates
Final tests
Buddha is enlighted, everything works...


Laser-engraved boxes
New entrance with custom furniture
The controller workstation

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