Häuser von Morgen...

I just stumbled on this little documentation on 3Sat about 'the houses from tomorrow'. The title reminds me of a classic tv series from the 60', the jetsons, but unlike the vision the writers of the jetsons had, these houses are not flying in the air. Instead they deal with real world problems in creative and unusual ways - whether you like the style of the solutions or not, we have to confront ourself with the fact that the resources on our planet are limited in many ways.

A interesting example from the documentation is: Jan Carmeliet, on using wind as a resource:


and the fab house form our friends at IAAC in Barcelona:


Daniel and i witnessed the building of a prototype of the fab lab house in Barcelona during our visit in 2010. It was a fantastic opportunity to see what the 'same' cnc-machines that we have downstairs in our departement can do on a larger scale. Yes, you could fab your own house at our workshop!

Making of <fab house>


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