Siggraph 2012: Emerging Technologies

Like every Year Siggraph released some reels and a trailer of emerging technologies that I think can also find its application in architecture.

This years exhibition provides

  • Video projection on "soap" bubbles using ultrasonic speakers changing BRDF
  • Reactive colors that can be projected on objects and is able to be removed by lower temperatures
  • Reactive pigments on paper that can be altered by laserbeams
  • And fun projects like "Botanicus Interacticus" (Disney Research), sensoring current-flow in plants to interact with your calendar...
The Colloidal Display

Shader Projection

Shader Printer Concept from daniel saakes on Vimeo.

Reactive Paper

Hand-rewriting from Tomoko Hashida on Vimeo.

Botanicus Interacticus
more info on Disney Research

And here some more in a fast forward review

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