Seminar week - Cnc milling a slitdrum

This years seminar week, under the patronage of professor Schwartz and his chair for structural design, was all about rhino, the cnc machine and sound. the students where confronted with the challenge of manufacturing a slitdrum. We started our first day with a introduction of rhino, and Daniel Bachmann, our Rhino-Tutor, showed the Students some of the basic modeling techniques to get them started. At the second day, they got a lesson in music theory where they learned how to calculate basic intervals and how to construct scales that result in a meaningful pattern. equipped with the basics they went on to design their own slit drum made of common Fir and a Merbau (Kwila or Borneo Teak) top.

Listen to the sounds yourself and compare the structure of the tongues. It was very exiting to us to see the tonal quality of the drums develop during the assembly. The bare tops sounded quite dull and lifeless. Glued to the box, the whole drum became more resonant and an improved overtone spectrum, typical to the sound of a slit drum. Once we decoupled the bottom of the drums with felt from the tables, we once again noticed a dramatic change leading to the final sound of the drums.

The "Ensemble" in action

Of course, some of the drums sound "better" than others, but all of them have a unique pattern and timbre and developed a unique quality in themselves.

Laurent and Andreas

Benedikt's Slitdrum

Alexandra and Martin

Seminarwoche Fräsen: Slitdrum Prototyping
Seminarwoche Fräsen: Slitdrum Alexandra
Seminarwoche Fräsen: Slitdrum Benedikt
Seminarwoche Fräsen: Slitdrum Manuel
Seminarwoche Fräsen: Slitdrum Laurent
Seminarwoche Fräsen: Slitdrum Andreas
Seminarwoche Fräsen: Slitdrum Kevin
Seminarwoche Fräsen: Slitdrum Seline
Seminarwoche Fräsen: Slitdrum Martin

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