Raplab Seminar-week FS13 announcement

Under the title "Homo Faber" the Raplab-Team, together with the students, will explore traditional woodworking techniques from the Victorian age. We follow the book "The Joiner and Cabinet Maker" first published in 1839. The book was part of a series of books under the title "Industrial Trade-Books" which where intended for young, at that time boys, who considered starting an apprenticeship as a Joiner or Cabinet Maker.

The book tells us the story of young Thomas, who starts to learn the trade by cleaning the shop, turning the grinding wheel and looking after the fire of the glue pot - an important job in a wood-workshop of the late 18th and early 19th century.

In the Seminar-week we'll start our journey with the first project Thomas does by himself - a simple packing box and learn the elementary techniques necessary to understand what working with wood is all about.

A new edition of the book, with complementary information from Christopher Schwarz and Joel Moskowitz is available at Lost Art Press LLC (www.lostartpress.com)

Some of the beautiful tools used by woodworkers in the 18th century:

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